About Marianne

Marianne Lucardie -Uyldert

Geboren in 1952.

Marianne is a holistic energetic therapist and has been running her practice since 1988.

'I had never planned to become a therapist, really. When I was 32, I found out 'by chance' I was paranormally gifted – I always thought everyone could see and feel as much as did. Because of a lack of proper training options for people with my gift in the 1980s, I followed many different courses. Anatomy, physiology and pathology courses at one educational centre, clinical homeopathy at another centre, a course in essential oils at yet another, etc.

Until I discovered that my hands could easily tune into the resonance of all sorts of remedies, which helped me find the right one for the right person, no matter if this remedy was an essential oil, a vitamin, a flower remedy or another remedy. This led me to develop a special healing method called the Flower Regression Therapy.

In 1998 I discovered that vaccinations do not have as positive an effect as people claim, and since then I have also been treating people suffering from post-vaccination syndrome. Over the years, it became clear to me how disconnected people are from their sources, their spirituality, and that more holistic energetic healing should be used to re-establish the bonds with these sources. (www.lucardie.eu/wat-doen-we/invloed-vaccinaties ).

It was quite by chance that I picked up the Grandmothers' energies in 2013. It took me a year to develop the remedies as they are now, and I have gained many new insights in doing so. I am grateful for having learnt to listen to my heart over the years, which has enabled me to hear the Grandmothers' voices. What happened next and what was even more wonderful, was the understanding that the Grandmothers can't do their job properly without the Grandfathers' support.’