Als de Grootmoeders gehoord worden, wordt de aarde geheeld.

The Grandmothers energies

These remedies help us to connect with our hearts. Every Grandmother has a teaching for us, is warm and healing. She makes us stronger and helps restore the balance in the world. Read More »

Grandfathers: our basis

There needs to be a balance between Yin and Yang. So in addition to the Grandmother energies, we shouldn't forget the Grandfather energies. They bring us the energy of the Seven Teachings. The basis of love and respect. Energies we can use really well these days.  Read More »

The New Age

The wisdom and support to help us transform to the New Age come from far beyond. Entities present themselves and share their energies working from the heart. I have 'translated' these energies into remedies to ensure their teachings can be shared and experienced.  Read More »