The Photonbelt remedie

It was less than a year after I had finished the Grandmother and Grandfather remedies when I dreamt that a Grandfather was standing at my bedside. He was holding a bundle of something and showing it to me. It looked like a kind of brown leather roll with ribbons tied around it. He asked me to make a remedy of it, as an addition to the concept. I just didn’t understand what he was trying to say and immediately objected with plenty of ‘yes-buts’ justifying why I wouldn’t be able to do this. Surely this bundle couldn’t be that important?

A week later, when I was making a remedy for a friend of mine in my practice, the same Grandfather appeared out of nowhere and made me feel what I should be putting into the bottle. Together with these sensations, I also received the teaching of the remedy from him. My friend and I were amazed at the power of this remedy and it didn’t take us long to figure out this had to be the energy of the photon belt.

Then I suddenly understood what this bundle was: photons are particles of light, so he showed me a bundle of light! This remedy makes you let go of the ‘heaviness’ in your life, makes you look at things from a different perspective, and gives you power and joy. It helps you settle into your ‘creation’.

However, now I had to figure out what it had to do with the Grandmothers and Grandfathers remedies. I didn’t take long for me to receive the answer. This remedy was necessary to ’round’ the transformation which had been started by the other remedies I had made before. After all, every time the Grandfather showed me a circle. ‘Rounded’ – it still gives me goose pimples whenever I think about him making this gesture.
Well, there you go! Who was I, thinking only recently that the concept was complete!

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  • The Photonbelt remedie


    I will show you the way and lift you to a higher plan. I will help you let go of any ties with negative mindsets. I will show you who and what you really are: a being of light, love and wisdom.