Additional remedies

There are two additional remedies available which hold the merged energy of the thirteen Grandmothers (the Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers) and the merged energy of the Grandfathers (the 7 Grandfathers). In turn, these two remedies are available as the combined remedy Grandparent Field.
Additionally, Judith Moore’s book tells about The One. This feels as a powerful, bonding energy to me, which I have developed into a remedy as well. Finally, there are two remedies which can help these grandparents’ energies to ‘ground’ gently: Agnihotra and the Flower of Life.

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  • Agnihotra


    Gently but powerfully, I will help you integrate all energies into your Being which you cannot 'ground' yourself. I will protect you against all unnecessary noise around you and will form a direct bond between you and your roots. Stand tall and feel your feet touch the ground.

  • Grandparents Field


    We will remind you of your source and who you really are. We will fill you with deep love for everything around you. We will remind you that love is the strongest energy in the cosmos, that love conquers all! Bonding with this love enables you to make the seemingly impossible possible.

  • The Flower of Life


    I am a symbol of sacred geometry and will connect you with the cosmos and the earth. I will heal and align your field of energy, which will give you room for transformation.

  • The One


    I am neither man nor woman, I am All. I existed before you and I will exist after you. I am unconditional love. I will restore your balance, I will help you transform. I will help you with your self-empowerment. I will open your heart to the Now.