Full sets for therapists

I recommend the 1-day workshop ‘Werken met remedies” (Working with remedies) to everyone who is thinking of buying a therapist set. What I have learned from previous occasions is that working with these remedies requires a certain understanding and skill. You can register for the workshop on the site.

Full set of “Grandmothers and Grandfathers remedies”

This set has been put together for therapists and consists of three sturdy cardboard boxes containing a total of 27 bottles:

13 Grandmothers remedies + 1 Grandmothers Field, 7 Grandfathers remedies + 1 Grandfathers Field, 5 additional remedies. This set includes the booklet and the set of cards.

Full set of “Remedies for a New Age”

This set currently contains 7 remedies with accompanying cards in a sturdy cardboard box with room for 2 remedies yet to be developed.

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