The Grandfather remedies

After I had been using the Grandmothers’ Remedies in my practice for a year and could see their impact, I now and again picked up totally different energies which were so beautiful I decided to make remedies of them as well. After four of these experiences, I discovered they were Grandfather remedies.
True, someone had told me a long time ago that such energies existed, but to be honest I hadn’t given this much thought. After a search on the internet, I found out that these – spiritual – Grandfathers are actually mentioned in the legends of an old Native American tribe. Because I had decided to make the Grandmother Remedies available on a large scale first, I told myself the Grandfathers had to wait for a while.
But then what happened? The entire process of developing the Grandmother Remedies didn’t seem to get into a proper flow at all. Time and again it ground to a halt, and several times I simply just wanted to pack it all up. However, slowly but surely I realised these Grandfathers form an essential part of the new energies.
So I changed my plan: instead of introducing the Grandmother Remedies first, I decided to introduce them together with the Grandfather Remedies.
These Grandfathers originate from the Native Americans as well. There are tribes in Canada and the northern area of the United States of America which tell the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. Legend has it that a long, long time ago, these – spiritual – Grandfathers taught people several morals and principles which showed them how to be better persons. Each of the seven Grandfathers has his own teaching and message, and I have made remedies of all of them.

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  • Grandfather 1 Wisdom


    You can't find the wisdom you are looking for in your head, but in your heart and all around you. For many lives, you have put in the effort to gather this wisdom. Don't be afraid to use it. Open your heart, feel self-empowered and trust your observations.

  • Grandfather 2 Love


    I will open your heart, I am Love. I will cleanse and soothe. Feel me as a warm hand on your back… My love for you is unconditional and I find joy in every little step you take. Feel my warmth, I will make you happy.

  • Grandfather 3 Respect


    Look at yourself with different eyes, see how beautiful and wise you are. See your own magnificent light and see why, in this life, you did what you did. Respect your decisions, respect yourself and respect life, so you can respect other people as well. Let go of your old beliefs and convictions with love, because they are no longer part of you. Be at peace with yourself.

  • Grandfather 4 Courage


    Go on, take the plunge, go just that little step further than you are comfortable with. Just follow me and then follow your own flow. Have the strength to explore the unknown. Let go of that old pattern, get up and go, embark on a vision quest. Spread your wings and live! Show your true self! Feel me as a support in your back. I will give you the space but I will be right behind you.

  • Grandfather 5 Honesty


    Break down your old walls, their maintenance is draining your energy. You are so beautiful without them! Show who you really are, what you feel, what you think, and spread this message from your heart, with love. Be honest and pure to yourself and others, and see how beautiful you are.

  • Grandfather 6 Humility


    I will give you the understandings which go beyond the ego, and I will give you the strength to express these understandings in heart-moving words. I will give you the calm contentment when you realise these words and your deeds are given ground. I will help you accept your life task and will give you the determination to complete the task you were given at birth.

  • Grandfather 7 Truth


    I am your truth, the truth you can stand up for. The truth which calms and assures you, which doesn't require you to fight. Because it is, and that is all it needs to be.

    I am within your core, I am the truth.

  • The 7 Grandfathers


    We are the foundation of life on earth. By building on us, you can make your dreams and ideals come true. We will give you the support and willpower to live from your heart. We will strengthen your determination to follow your own path so that you can leave a trail for others.