The blackhole fusion

The Black Hole fusion



Every now and again there is a new energy that crosses my path. If this energy feels extraordinary, I use it for making a remedy which I first try out intensively myself.


Being such a highly sensitive person, I usually respond quite quickly so that it doesn't take long for the effects of a remedy to become clear. When I'm making a remedy, I receive a teaching and I check if this teaching resonates in concordance with the remedy.


The Black Hole Fusion crossed my path when three people brought it to my attention over a relatively short period of time.

There are several sources on the internet which give further details (in Dutch) on this:


I actually think the power of this fusion can have a major impact on us as beings because we can pick up this energy at a higher level. I also think this phenomenon helps us transform.


Effects of the remedy

The Black Hole Fusion remedy feels extremely strong but initially you're not sure what its impact on you really is. Initially it seemed as if 'time' slipped away a little, and it felt as if I was floating around a bit. Then something very extreme happened, as if the ground was falling away from underneath my feet, as if I was being overwhelmed by emotions which, in hindsight, had always been there but which I had never ever been able to reach: I had connected with my own 'black hole'.


Now it was time to live through these emotions. And it's true, you do come out cleansed and free!


What I have learned

You cannot use this remedy simply on its own. If you do, you risk falling into a huge void – which is obviously not what you want. You really need to combine this remedy with other ones.

I advise you to do the following. While you are bringing this strong remedy into contact with your client, you also have to test the other remedies which are needed to transform whatever comes to the surface and add the necessary remedies to the bottle you're preparing.


In short, it's a fantastic remedy for bringing very deeply hidden emotions to the surface and for transforming them in the process! So you could actually use it to solve the deepest cause of a particular problem.


However, you do need to be careful when you are using this remedy. With this remedy in the patient's aura, take the time to test which painful emotions are coming to the surface and deal with them right away!


In discovering this remedy, it feels to me as if its combination with the Grandparent remedies and the Remedies for a New Age will allow people to heal at much, much deeper levels!