• Additional remedies

    Additional remedies (4)

    There are two additional remedies available which hold the merged energy of the thirteen Grandmothers (the Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers) and the merged energy of the Grandfathers (the 7 Grandfathers). In turn, these two remedies are available as the combined remedy Grandparent Field. Additionally, Judith Moore's book tells about The One. This feels as a powerful, bonding energy to me, which I have developed into a remedy as well. Finally, there are two remedies which can help these grandparents' energies to 'ground' gently: Agnihotra and the Flower of Life.
  • Full sets for therapists

    Full sets for therapists (2)

    I recommend the 1-day workshop 'Werken met remedies" (Working with remedies) to everyone who is thinking of buying a therapist set. What I have learned from previous occasions is that working with these remedies requires a certain understanding and skill. You can register for the workshop on the site. Full set of “Grandmothers and Grandfathers remedies" This set has been put together for therapists and consists of three sturdy cardboard boxes containing a total of 27 bottles: 13 Grandmothers remedies + 1 Grandmothers Field, 7 Grandfathers remedies + 1 Grandfathers Field, 5 additional remedies. This set includes the booklet and the set of cards. Full set of “Remedies for a New Age” This set currently contains 7 remedies with accompanying cards in a sturdy cardboard box with room for 2 remedies yet to be developed.
  • Meditation cards with booklet

    Meditation cards with booklet (1)

    I have written a booklet to accompany the sets of remedies. This booklet comes with 27 durable, laminated cards which you can use for meditating or for picking the right remedy for yourself or someone else.The booklet was put together with great care, was produced with CO2-neutral production methods, and is easy to open thanks to its spiral binding. It is a handy pocket-sized booklet, has the same dimensions as the cards (12x12 cms), and is sent in an elegant little box together with the cards. The box also contains a flyer with general information.
  • New Age remedies (6)

    Wisdom and support coming from a different dimension help us transform to the New Age. Various entities manifested themselves and shared their energies moving from and onto the heart. I have translated these energies into remedies. As they appeared to me, they passed on their teachings that were specific to the particular remedies I was enabled to make. These teachings touch the heart and have a profound impact on the areas they focus on. The Remedies for a New Age are actually an energetic continuation of the energies of the Grandparent remedies. They vibrate at an – even – higher level and I therefore advise people not to use them until they have developed, what I call, a 'universal awareness'. This is brought about by factors including the Grandmother and Grandfather remedies. The aim of the Remedies for a New Age is to help you develop a cosmic awareness. (Could this be the fifth dimension?)
  • The Grandfather remedies

    The Grandfather remedies (8)

    After I had been using the Grandmothers' Remedies in my practice for a year and could see their impact, I now and again picked up totally different energies which were so beautiful I decided to make remedies of them as well. After four of these experiences, I discovered they were Grandfather remedies. True, someone had told me a long time ago that such energies existed, but to be honest I hadn't given this much thought. After a search on the internet, I found out that these – spiritual – Grandfathers are actually mentioned in the legends of an old Native American tribe. Because I had decided to make the Grandmother Remedies available on a large scale first, I told myself the Grandfathers had to wait for a while. But then what happened? The entire process of developing the Grandmother Remedies didn't seem to get into a proper flow at all. Time and again it ground to a halt, and several times I simply just wanted to pack it all up. However, slowly but surely I realised these Grandfathers form an essential part of the new energies. So I changed my plan: instead of introducing the Grandmother Remedies first, I decided to introduce them together with the Grandfather Remedies. These Grandfathers originate from the Native Americans as well. There are tribes in Canada and the northern area of the United States of America which tell the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. Legend has it that a long, long time ago, these – spiritual – Grandfathers taught people several morals and principles which showed them how to be better persons. Each of the seven Grandfathers has his own teaching and message, and I have made remedies of all of them.
  • The Grandmother remedies

    The Grandmother remedies (14)

    It was quite by chance that I picked up the Grandmothers' energies. Energies I vaguely recognised and which simply had to be signs of this New Age. They are very wise, calm, feminine energies brimming with love, peace, knowing, acceptance and bonding with Mother Earth. Together they feel like a support in your back at a time where all morals and principles are being questioned. A time full of uncertainty, fear and rationality. To redress this imbalance, a very powerful yet gentle, feminine answer was simply unavoidable. In the spring of 2013, I went to the introduction of the book 'Visions of Wisdom' by Judith Moore and Sean Sands. The paintings of the thirteen Grandmothers, which illustrate their book, were on full display and made quite an impression! Although I hadn't had any interest in Native Americans and their myths and prophecies until then, they caught my attention and before long I started dreaming about the thirteen Grandmothers. One of the Grandmothers appeared in my dream and explained I had to make a remedy of her energy the next day. This remedy turned out to have an extremely high frequency and was extremely powerful. It seemed to permeate every level of one's Being. In the following weeks, each of the other Grandmothers appeared, which has resulted in thirteen remedies. The Grandmothers energies feel like a warm bath, like a homecoming. They have the ability to connect us to a field of healing energy. Each of the thirteen Grandmothers has its own message and scope.
  • The Photonbelt remedie

    The Photonbelt remedie (1)

    It was less than a year after I had finished the Grandmother and Grandfather remedies when I dreamt that a Grandfather was standing at my bedside. He was holding a bundle of something and showing it to me. It looked like a kind of brown leather roll with ribbons tied around it. He asked me to make a remedy of it, as an addition to the concept. I just didn't understand what he was trying to say and immediately objected with plenty of 'yes-buts' justifying why I wouldn't be able to do this. Surely this bundle couldn't be that important? A week later, when I was making a remedy for a friend of mine in my practice, the same Grandfather appeared out of nowhere and made me feel what I should be putting into the bottle. Together with these sensations, I also received the teaching of the remedy from him. My friend and I were amazed at the power of this remedy and it didn't take us long to figure out this had to be the energy of the photon belt. Then I suddenly understood what this bundle was: photons are particles of light, so he showed me a bundle of light! This remedy makes you let go of the 'heaviness' in your life, makes you look at things from a different perspective, and gives you power and joy. It helps you settle into your 'creation'. However, now I had to figure out what it had to do with the Grandmothers and Grandfathers remedies. I didn't take long for me to receive the answer. This remedy was necessary to 'round’ the transformation which had been started by the other remedies I had made before. After all, every time the Grandfather showed me a circle. 'Rounded' – it still gives me goose pimples whenever I think about him making this gesture. Well, there you go! Who was I, thinking only recently that the concept was complete!