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  • Agnihotra


    Gently but powerfully, I will help you integrate all energies into your Being which you cannot 'ground' yourself. I will protect you against all unnecessary noise around you and will form a direct bond between you and your roots. Stand tall and feel your feet touch the ground.

  • Annunaki

    I will help you to take your own space and to set your own boundaries coming from your heart. Spread your wings, embrace your fellow human beings without losing yourself. I will bring you peace, wisdom and transformation.

  • Ashtar

    I will enable you to take a close look at things and will make you distinguish between what is pure and impure. I am the warm coat you need in a cold world and will give you the mildness and determination to spread the light.

  • Full set “Remedies for a New Age”


    This set currently contains 7 remedies with accompanying cards in a sturdy cardboard box with room for 2 remedies yet to be developed.

  • Full set “Grandmothers- and Grandfathersremedies”


    Complete set of the 27 remedies in 30 ml bottles, which can also be used as stock bottles. The set includes the booklet and the 27 meditation cards at a value of €29.95 including VAT.

  • Gor

    I will give you agility so you can continue along your path, and I will teach you how to let go of the thick haze surrounding you so you can see things the way they really are. I will make you connect with the child within you and I will give you the strength and perseverance to move barriers. Live, enjoy, and cherish your sense of humor.

  • Grandfather 1 Wisdom


    You can't find the wisdom you are looking for in your head, but in your heart and all around you. For many lives, you have put in the effort to gather this wisdom. Don't be afraid to use it. Open your heart, feel self-empowered and trust your observations.

  • Grandfather 2 Love


    I will open your heart, I am Love. I will cleanse and soothe. Feel me as a warm hand on your back… My love for you is unconditional and I find joy in every little step you take. Feel my warmth, I will make you happy.

  • Grandfather 3 Respect


    Look at yourself with different eyes, see how beautiful and wise you are. See your own magnificent light and see why, in this life, you did what you did. Respect your decisions, respect yourself and respect life, so you can respect other people as well. Let go of your old beliefs and convictions with love, because they are no longer part of you. Be at peace with yourself.

  • Grandfather 4 Courage


    Go on, take the plunge, go just that little step further than you are comfortable with. Just follow me and then follow your own flow. Have the strength to explore the unknown. Let go of that old pattern, get up and go, embark on a vision quest. Spread your wings and live! Show your true self! Feel me as a support in your back. I will give you the space but I will be right behind you.

  • Grandfather 5 Honesty


    Break down your old walls, their maintenance is draining your energy. You are so beautiful without them! Show who you really are, what you feel, what you think, and spread this message from your heart, with love. Be honest and pure to yourself and others, and see how beautiful you are.

  • Grandfather 6 Humility


    I will give you the understandings which go beyond the ego, and I will give you the strength to express these understandings in heart-moving words. I will give you the calm contentment when you realise these words and your deeds are given ground. I will help you accept your life task and will give you the determination to complete the task you were given at birth.

  • Grandfather 7 Truth


    I am your truth, the truth you can stand up for. The truth which calms and assures you, which doesn't require you to fight. Because it is, and that is all it needs to be.

    I am within your core, I am the truth.

  • Grandmother 01


    I am the rock, the sand and the earth and I will give you the strength to stand up. I will give you the basis, the structure guiding your path of life. I will open you heart so you can see how magnificent our planet is, and will make you realise we need to treat her with gratitude and respect.

  • Grandmother 02


    I will form a bond between you and the long line of mothers who enabled you to be here now. I will help you uncover your inner feminine and creative qualities and will create a safe, warm and secure place for you to follow your path. I will open your heart to the miracle of life.

  • Grandmother 03


    I will form a bond between you and your fellow human beings and will make you see we are all part of one whole. The more we realise this, the more we will understand the Great Plan. I will open your heart to seeing this bigger whole, your inner wisdom and the awareness that your heart doesn't contain good and bad, but only love.

  • Grandmother 04


    I will form a bond between you and your cosmic awareness and will help you escape from the wheel of power abuse, war, corruption and ecocide. I will make you feel how much you need Mother Earth and she needs you! I will open your heart to make you feel what the state of being like-minded and in harmony with the cosmos feels like, so you can integrate this into your life.

  • Grandmother 05


    I will form a bond between you and true peace. Peace which comes from within you. Peace with your Self, with your life and with everything and everyone around you. The tranquil sense of gratitude, happiness and love. Shine, and spread that peace. I will open your heart for you to shine.

  • Grandmother 06


    I will form a bond between you and your inner child. In calm awe about all these tiny creatures and organisms, which make life on earth possible. I will make you feel the magic of these small and sometimes invisible creatures so you can see the beauty of nature with fresh eyes. I will open your heart for you to feel the rhythm of Mother Earth again, which will enable you to regain your own, authentic rhythm.

  • Grandmother 07


    I will form a bond between you and the awareness of your life being a dance, with its own rhythm and its own fluent movement. So that you can rely on this dance with heart and soul and faith and, in doing so, beautiful things will cross your path. I will open your heart and will make you hear and feel the music of this dance.

  • Grandmother 08


    I am Nothing and I am All. I am the silence which is the source of all creations. I am also the place where life and death cross paths. You can feel me when you are still, when you are meditating… This silence is the origin of everything and will make you realise that all is one. I will open your heart to remind you of your source, your Divine light.

  • Grandmother 09


    I will form a bond between you and your subconsciousness, your dreams. This will help you create a new world. A world of peace, love, balance and faith. I will show you that your thoughts and dreams are truly powerful enough to change things. Mother Earth will give us the basis for making our dreams come true. Hold on to your ideals and have faith. I will open your heart to overcome fear and to release new energy. The energy of creation.

  • Grandmother 10


    I cherish the old wisdoms of our earth and her plant world. These wisdoms are ready and waiting to be rediscovered. They hold the understanding that the Earth can provide everything we need for living a happy and healthy life. I will open your heart to show you how magnificent Nature is and will help you regain that deep bond with Nature.

  • Grandmother 11


    I will awaken your inner knowing that the soul is not time-bound and follows a spiral path. Have faith in this path and let go of your fear: live! Sooner or later the path will take you back to your Source. I will open your heart for you to feel this old wisdom

  • Grandmother 12


    I bring about change through your higher chakras and will help you develop a better understanding of who you really are. You are part of the infinite cosmos. You are feeling trapped in a body on an earth which seems to become heavier all the time. Overcome this and see how light you are. Take an unbiased look at the circumstances we have created on earth and submerge them in beauty and love. I will open your heart to the cosmic wisdom and will help you restore the balance.

  • Grandmother 13


    I will make you see that the impact of your words and actions reaches beyond the Now. Their echoes reverberate through 7 generations… Everything we sow in love now can be reaped as a magnificent harvest later. The awareness that we can put more things in motion than we think, will restore the cosmic balance. I will open your heart for you to hear the echoes.

  • Grandparents Field


    We will remind you of your source and who you really are. We will fill you with deep love for everything around you. We will remind you that love is the strongest energy in the cosmos, that love conquers all! Bonding with this love enables you to make the seemingly impossible possible.

  • Ho’Oponopono

    I love you
    I’m sorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you

  • Keepers of the earth

  • Meditation cards with booklet

  • Merlin

    My child, feel safe. Take the next step with a heart full of happiness. I will be there if you need me but I won't carry you.
    I will give you a bird's eye view of the mountain.

  • The 7 Grandfathers


    We are the foundation of life on earth. By building on us, you can make your dreams and ideals come true. We will give you the support and willpower to live from your heart. We will strengthen your determination to follow your own path so that you can leave a trail for others.

  • The Black Hole Fusion

    “When time is right, we will give you an impulse to transform the old and we will make room for a new energy. Trust this all-transforming vortex and let yourself go. You will come out cleansed and free.”

    This is an extraordinary remedy and must be used with great care. I think everyone has a type of emotional ‘black hole’ which is very difficult to reach. So somewhere hidden underneath the surface, there is a trauma or a trauma-related emotion. The Black Hole Fusion remedy brings this layer to the surface for it to be transformed.

    If this remedy is used on its own, it can make you feel as if you are plummeting into an abyss. It is therefore essential to use this remedy in combination with other remedies to allow this layer to evolve in the process. I advise you to start testing with the Black Hole Fusion and then to treat immediately whatever comes to the surface. This avoids you plummeting into the abyss. I would actually advise you not to buy this remedy unless you have been to one of my workshops (see Information > Calendar).

  • The council of the 13 Grandmothers


    We will give you a firm footing on earth and the determination to turn the tide. To make you see the beauty of our planet and the good in people again. We will give you the strength to stay true to your Self and to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine qualities. We will open your heart to the New Age.

  • The Flower of Life


    I am a symbol of sacred geometry and will connect you with the cosmos and the earth. I will heal and align your field of energy, which will give you room for transformation.

  • The One


    I am neither man nor woman, I am All. I existed before you and I will exist after you. I am unconditional love. I will restore your balance, I will help you transform. I will help you with your self-empowerment. I will open your heart to the Now.

  • The Photonbelt remedie


    I will show you the way and lift you to a higher plan. I will help you let go of any ties with negative mindsets. I will show you who and what you really are: a being of light, love and wisdom.